Selling IT Solutions – How to Protect Margins and Avoid Revenue Decline

Selling IT Solutions – How to Protect Margins and Avoid Revenue Decline

With both the public and commercial sectors facing an ongoing lack of confidence and cut-backs in spending budgets, and competition becoming more aggressive every day,  technology sales people are operating in an environment that is more challenging than ever before.

Whether you are selling hardware; software; SaaS; or professional services, buying decisions are being commoditised and bought on price…or they are being viewed as strategic decisions and are being made at a business level i.e. outside of the technology function. With IT department budgets being reduced, as a technology solution sales person, you have to make the decision as to whether you want to:

  1. Stay in your comfort zone of selling to technology specialists and see your margins and revenues decline; or
  2. Move out of your comfort zone and widen the focus of your contact strategies and campaigns to include business level decision makers and senior influencers outside of the technology function.


If sales people are to win strategic and profitable business, they need to sell more proactively and at a business decision maker level. But senior business people don’t want to be sold technology products. They want a proactive consultative sale that delivers real business value, big return on investment and quick payback in terms of cash flow. What delivers that is almost insignificant in terms of your product features and advantages. You have to align specific benefits to a specific set of pain points and needs (that you have actively developed and drawn out) and that’s consultative selling.

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