Overview of Module 1:

In today's tough marketplace, 90% of sales people are using outdated sales techniques which push the Features, Advantages and Benefits of their products without thinking about the buyer's needs and desires. Buyers hate this because it shows a complete lack of understanding of their world! We are going to reveal how to take the buyers world in to consideration in order  to get a great sales meeting.

In this module we teach:

A simple formula to create instant credibility and interest.

A prospecting system that will differentiate you unique

A method for securing decision-maker meetings

A meeting structure that will make the client want to buy

In this module we reveal how the world’s best sales people make every e-mail and telephone call result in a great sales meeting.

We provide a simple formula for avoiding rejection and building immediate rapport with new prospects. This will give any sales person the confidence to make cold calling really work and get your buyers hooked from the first point of contact.

The module also outlines a simple method for hitting the buyer's hot buttons in a way that is so effective that half of these buyers will be asking YOU for a meeting! It will enable the sales individual to line up great sales meetings time after time, where the client really wants the meeting and the client’s already buying before they walk through the door.

Whether selling by email, over the phone or face-to-face, we’ll teach the skills and techniques needed to avoid rejection, gain instant credibility and convert cold calls into really hot sales meetings!