Module 1: Lesson 1 - (White Belt) – Avoiding rejection & creating credibility

In this lesson the user will learn how they can make prospecting and lead generation activities much more effective and far more efficient. It will enable the individual to get many more sales and great meetings with much less time spent prospecting. The lesson will teach how to avoid rejection, create instant credibility and generate real interest when contacting a new prospective buyer so that a follow-up call to book a sales meeting is met with a welcome response instead of active rejection. The lesson includes tried and tested methods of getting past the gatekeeper and gaining access to the real buyer.

Lesson 1 - Part 1: Why Most Cold Calls Fail

In the first video we take the user through why it is becoming so difficult to avoid rejection and why it is so difficult to get the buyer’s interest and build credibility. Buyers are busier these days and will ignore a sales persons prospecting communications if they don’t get them right. At worst, target prospects will actively reject communications and attempts to get a meeting with the decision maker.

Lesson 1 - Part 2: The Formula for Avoiding Rejection

In the second video we teach the secrets any sales professional needs for avoiding rejection. We provide a simple three-step formula that can be used to build credibility and generate real interest in the first communication in any situation. We teach the user how to identify the decision maker for their potential sale and how to really grab his or her attention so they want to carry out that first important meeting!

Lesson 1 - Part 3: Avoiding Rejection in Practise

In the third video we’ll teach the user how to actually make the formula described in the second video work in practice to transform success rate and make cold calling a thing of the past. When the user then makes the follow-up call to secure the meeting they will get a much higher success rate and will find getting past the gatekeeper much easier.