Module 1: Lesson 2 - Converting Cold Calls into Hot Meetings

Many sales people fail to treat getting a face-to-face meeting as a sales campaign in its own right. The first critical close only happens when a great sales meeting actually takes place! In this final lesson of Module 1 of Black Belt Selling, we’ll show the user how to build on what they learned in Lesson 1 by actually getting and keeping a commitment to a great sales meeting with an important new decision making contact.

Lesson 2 – Part 1: Why Your Sales Meetings Need to be Hot

In the first video we cover why traditional sales people are considered to be time wasters. We will explain why, even if you manage to secure a meeting with the decision maker, other priorities are likely to develop. That important sales meeting is likely to cool off in the mind of the prospect and get postponed or cancelled as the time draws near unless you take action.

Lesson 2 - Part 2: Getting and Keeping a Great Sales Meeting

In the second video we reveal the secrets that great sales people use to secure and keep great sales meetings. We also teach the user how to set up the sales meeting in a way that gets the prospect to actually help them to sell when they get to the meeting.