Overview of Module 2:

In this uncertain economic climate, buying decisions are being taken at a much more senior level. Unless a sales person is really convincing, the buyer won’t be motivated to make the decision to either switch to their solution or allocate the time, effort and budget to taking on their solution.

The sales person needs to take control of the customer buying process by exposing the buyer's most pressing needs and desires. The buyer needs to be convinced that turning down the sales persons solution or talking to a competitor will damage their business's performance.

In This Module We Teach:

Techniques and skills to successfully lead sales meetings.

A method for leading prospects to commit time and resources.

A format to make sales proposals grab the buyers’ attention.

Examples of how to apply these techniques.


The second module of Black Belt Selling will enable the user to master the consultative sales meeting in order to make the buyers need their solution above and beyond that of the competition.

We will tech the user how to confidently and systematically draw out and create urgent buyer needs so that the prospect wants and needs their solution.

Black Belt Selling will enable the user or student to Position their solution as the best by far, so that the buyer knows that spending any time with the competition would be a waste of time. It will help transform forecasting accuracy, win rating against the main competition, improve average sales value and the increase the speed at which deals are closed.