Module 2: Lesson 3 - Developing & Accelerating Buyer Needs

In Lesson 3 we’ll be looking at how to create, develop and accelerate the needs of the customer during the meeting that was secured in Module 1. We’ll teach the techniques needed to lead the first half of a consultative sales meeting (it is critical that the meeting is split into two phases) and how to develop (and prioritise) the prospect’s needs in preparation for creating multiple accelerated, high-value sales opportunities.

Lesson 3 - Part 1: Creating Needs – Failure & Success

In the first video we go through the causes and implications of a sales person’s failure to develop the buyer’s needs (and urgency) in today’s marketplace. We then go on to explain why it’s critical to develop and even create buyer needs and urgency to achieve any reasonable success.

Lesson 3 - Part 2: How to Create Buyer Needs

In the second video we’ll reveal the secrets needed for creating buyer needs and urgency, using a failsafe method for opening and leading the first half of a consultative sales meeting with a senior decision maker. It is critical to create the need and urgency before you present your solution in today’s marketplace.

Lesson 3 - Part 3: The Sales Meeting Success Strategy Part 1

In the third video we’ll show how to apply the formula successfully to create buyer need and urgency in any situation. We also introduce a system called MIDAS which, along with Selling from the Left®, will enable you to take control of, and lead, a consultative sales meeting. This will transform your success in selling and your ability to win customers.

Lesson 3 - Part 4: The Sales Meeting Success Strategy Part 2

In conjunction with the videos in the additional resource library below, the fourth video brings the application of MIDAS and Selling from the Left® to life and will give you the confidence and the resources to be able to get the client to re-prioritise his or her needs to align them with what you want to sell.