Module 2: Lesson 4 - Making the Buyer Want & Need Your Solution

In this lesson we’ll be looking at how to take the need that was created in the last lesson and align the solution so that the prospect is compelled to progress with the sales opportunity as a top priority. The user will learn how to make sure their solution is exactly what the prospect needs in the first meeting and how to get a commitment from the prospect to accelerate the sales process.

Lesson 4 - Part 1: Getting the Buyer to Say Yes to Your Solution

In the first video we go through the issues that sales people now encounter on a day to day basis and why these issues are causing them to fail in terms of making their solution compelling to the prospect in a consultative sale.

Lesson 4 – Part 2: The Winning Solution Formula

In the second video we reveal the secrets of success for conducting the second phase of a consultative sales meeting. This involves aligning the solution on offer to the prospect’s needs in a way that compels him or her to buy the solution without raising issues over price and, where possible, without considering involving the competition.