Module 2 – Lesson 5: Writing Winning Proposals

In this lesson we’ll be looking at how to write a sales proposal that is customer-friendly and contains all the relevant information that the buyer needs in a way that will reinforce their desire to purchase the product or service. We’ll teach the skills needed to produce a winning sales proposal that really sets you apart from the competition and takes very little effort on your behalf.


Lesson 5 – Part 1: Sales Proposals Should Wow Your Buyer

In the first video we observe in greater detail the issues that sales people encounter on a day to day basis and why these issues are causing them to fail. Most sales proposals actually frustrate buyers and (at best) give them reasons to raise objections or even pick up the phone to the competition!


Lesson 5 – Part 2: Mastering the Art of Winning Sales Proposals

In the second video we provide a brilliant structure that teaches the techniques needed to develop really compelling proposals really quickly. This structure has been tried and tested by professionals selling in all sectors and all sizes of organisation. It works every time.