Overview of Module 3:

In the current climate, economic uncertainty is causing buyer projects to slip, be cancelled or be consolidated into larger programmes. This means that competing sales people are fighting for less business, while buyers are raising more objections before they are prepared to make an investment.

With fewer sales opportunities and more intense competition, sales people need to be able to grow their business with existing clients as well as acquiring acquiring new clients if they want to meet their targets.

In This Module We Teach:

Proven techniques to accelerate the IT solutions sales process.

Simple methods for using objections to up-sell and cross-sell.

Strategies to beat the competition at higher margins.

Multiple methods for closing an IT solution sale.

A process for growing key client relationships.

In the final module, we teach the skills and techniques needed to win and grow each and every sale. This is crucial given the intensity of competition and the increased likelihood of buyer objections in the IT and Technology sector.