Module 3: Lesson 10 (Black Belt) - Growing the Sale

In this lesson we’ll be looking at what to do after the initial sale has been won in order to grow the value of this new client even further. You’ll learn how to prepare the ground in every initial sale so you can easily up-sell and cross-sell systematically in all of your major or significant customers.

Lesson 10 – Part 1: From Hunter or Farmer to Master Sales Person

In the first video we cover why most sales people win an initial deal and either move on or struggle with any follow-on sales in the same client. Its actually much easier to sell in a way that makes clients want to keep on buying from you. Its also much more lucrative.

Lesson 10 – Part 2: Turning Your Clients into Golden Eggs

In the second video we teach you the secrets of turning every client into the goose that lays the golden eggs. You’ll discover how to position the initial sale in new clients so that you can up-sell very quickly. We’ll also teach you how to re-visit existing clients and multiply their value to you.