Module 3: Lesson 6 - Leading the Sale Process

In this lesson we’ll be looking at how to lead the sales process at your own pace, giving increased certainty of winning the deal and hitting targets! We’ll go in to detail about how to take control of sales campaigns and close sales in line with forecasts and in time to meet sales targets every time.

Lesson 6 – Part 1: Leading to Win and Hit Your Sales Forecast

In the first video we go through the reasons why most people allow the prospect or even their competitors to lead the pace. More importantly, we cover the implications of this and what great sales people are able to achieve in terms of leading the sales process.

Lesson 6 – Part 2: The Four Secrets of Sales Leadership

In the second video we encompass the knowledge and skills to take control of the sales process and plan for each key milestone to ensure that the deal is not only one, but it is won in line with forecasts. Believe it or not, prospects want to be led… so long as they believe that the sales person knows what they're doing!