Module 3: Lesson 7 - Beating the Competition

In this lesson we reveal how to beat the competition in every sales scenario. We’ll teach the skills needed to outsmart the competition in every sale to ensure that practically every deals is won and the reputation of you and your company is respected across the industry.

Lesson 7 - Part 1: Beating the Competition to Win

In the first video we reveal the causes and implications of getting outsmarted by the competition. The vast majority of sales people make these mistakes but don’t admit they were simply outsold! We also cover what master sale people are able to achieve in terms of beating their best competitors.

Lesson 7 - Part 2: Outsmarting the Competition in Practice

In the second video we teach the critical strategies that will make a sales person succeed in any sales opportunity. These strategies have been used by our senior practitioners to enable clients of all sizes to win and win big. If these strategies are executed on a regular basis, along with what has been learned so far, you really will command a huge salary in most industries.