Module 3: Lesson 8 - Avoiding, anticipating & overcoming objections

In this lesson we teach the user how to avoid 90% of the objections sales people encounter and how to use these objections to:

a) Differentiate the solution from the competition sale and;

b) Accelerate the sale! We’ll teach the user how to take a really common fear out of the sales process – the fear of the buyer saying ‘no’.

Lesson 8 – Part 1: The Importance of Mastering Objections

In the first video we explain why the average sales person not only fears objections, but actually causes them. Objections can actually be ‘buying signals’ and great sales people use them to their advantage.

Lesson 8 – Part 2 - Mastering Objections Part 1

In the second video we teach the user how to anticipate and avoid 90% of the objections they're likely to come across and how to handle and overcome those objections that do get raised.

Lesson 8 – Part 3: Mastering Objections Part 2

In the third video we’ll give some examples of how to do it right and how to do it wrong highlighting the differences between success and failure. We’ll teach how to use objections as an opportunity to increase the value of sales opportunities and deals.