Module 3: Lesson 9 - The Closing Masterclass

In this lesson we’ll be looking at closing techniques which can be used in every situation. We’ll reveal how to master the art of closing high value sales opportunities. The lesson includes the seven ‘killer closes’ and how to make sure closing is really easy every time.

Lesson 9 – Part 1: The Closing Challenge

In the first video we take the user through the reasons why most sales people are really bad at closing and the terrible implications of this on their sales performance. We explain how great sales people manage to close their deals on time, every time, without being to pushy. Believe it or not, clients like sales people to be good closers.

Lesson 9 – Part 2: Mastering Your Closing and the Seven Killer Closes

In the second video we go through the seven ‘killer closes’ and deliver examples of when (and how) they can be used. We show how to ‘funnel’ conversations to a close to get the prospect to say ‘yes’ in why consultative selling environment.