Three Modules, Ten Lessons

Black Belt Selling is delivered through 10 concise lessons which are split over 3 core modules. Each lesson comprises a series of short, instructor-led online sales training videos which the user can access at his or her own pace.

The videos cover every aspect of the IT and Technology solution sales process using Sterling Chase's award winning consultative selling methodology Selling from the Left®

Additional Resources

Each lesson comes with a plethora of additional resources, including video examples, audio examples, sales cheat sheets and planning tools that will enable you to apply and embed the selling skills and techniques taught in the videos.

The resources walk you through real life sales situations and can be downloaded at any time, on any type of device so you can access them while on the go.

Assessing Your Knowledge

At the end of each lesson there is a series of multiple-choice questions to reinforce the understanding and application of the course content. These questions are completely optional, but they will enable the user to compare scores with fellow students and consolidate their newly learned techniques.

What You Receive


Each person who completes the Black Belt Selling online sales training programme will receive an industry recognised certificate endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).

Upon successful completion of Module 1, you will receive your Yellow Belt Black Belt Selling certificate from our award-winning sales development sponsors, Sterling Chase Associates Ltd. Upon successful completion of Module 2 you will receive your Green Belt Black Belt Selling certificate and after successfully completing all 3 modules, you will receive the prestigious ISMM endorsed Black Belt Selling certificate which carries either a pass, merit or distinction level of achievement depending on your performance in the test.

All of the modules can be stopped and revisited at any time so that you can progress at a pace that suits your own individual needs. This makes Black Belt Selling a highly efficient route to enhancing your sales performance while gaining the recognition that you deserve.


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