Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Black Belt Selling is a structured e-learning programme that can have a really significant and immediate impact on your company’s sales performance. E-Learning is proven to be extremely effective in its impact on learning and retention. E-Learning packages that can be completed in short manageable sessions have recently been proven to stay with the user for much longer than traditional training methods such as attended courses. All of the techniques you or your people will learn in the Black Belt Selling programme are proven to boost sales performance. These factors coupled with the fact that Black Belt Selling is extremely cost-effective will result in a big return on your small investment when the techniques are applied properly.

Maximum Flexibility

By using Black Belt Selling you or your sales team will be able to use the extensive online content whenever and wherever you want, all you need is a 3g or Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device. The HTML5 mobile responsive website means that the video, audio and text content are available to access with any 3g enabled mobile device. This is extremely relevant in today's fast moving business environment and it enables a just-in-time learning experience where the user can access relevant content at a time when it is right for them. Black Belt Selling can be used between sales meetings, at break times, at home or in the office - you or your team can decide!

Reduced Costs

For a business of any size it is important to minimise overheads in all areas. It is certainly no different when it comes to the learning and development of your staff. This is the basis on which Black Belt Selling was developed. In order to provide you with a high quality experience at an extremely affordable price, we’ve taken proven techniques and selling methodologies normally only affordable for blue chip technology companies and made them available to you in a much more cost-effective bundle. Traditional training methods are not only much more expensive in terms of direct costs but they also require staff to be taken out of the workplace in order to physically attend a formal event. Black Belt Selling alleviates all of the stresses and costs involved in taking a block of valuable selling time out to attend a physical training centre while customers are going to the competition. Black Belt Selling gives you or your team an even higher quality of learning experience; saves time and money; and delivers bigger benefits faster.

Environmentally Friendly

Online learning is an effective way to decrease a companies carbon footprint. Implementing a high-impact e-learning solution rather than other traditional methods not only saves costs on travelling and the implications of taking staff out of the office for days at a time, but it also combats the amount of energy used in the process. E-learning resources are infinitely re-usable and require no paper, ink or physical resources to be used by the learner. We are committed to looking after our environment and that’s another reason why we developed an environmentally friendly learning and development programme that has been proven to have just as big an impact as the best face to face training programmes.