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Lesson 3: Developing & Accelerating Buyer Needs

In Lesson 3 we look at how you can create, develop and accelerate the needs of your customer during the meeting you secured in Step 1. We’ll teach you how to lead the first half of a consultative sales meeting and how to develop (and prioritise) the prospect’s needs in preparation for creating multiple accelerated, high-value sales opportunities.


Lesson 4: Making the Buyer Want & Need Your Solution

In Lesson 4 we'll show you how you take the need that you created in Lesson 4 and align your solution so that the prospect is compelled to progress your sales opportunity as a top priority. You’ll learn how to make sure your solution is exactly what the prospect needs in the first meeting and how to get a commitment to accelerate the sales process.


Lesson 5: Writing Winning Proposals

In Lesson 5 we look at how you can write a sales proposal that is customer-friendly and contains all of the relevant information that the buyer needs in a way that reinforces their desire to purchase your product or service. We’ll teach you how to produce a winning sales proposal that really sets you apart from the competition and takes very little effort on your behalf.


Lesson 6: Leading the Sales Process

In Lesson 6 we'll demonstrate how to lead the sales process at your own pace, giving you increased certainty of winning each deal and hitting your numbers! We'll teach you how to take control of your sales campaigns and close your sales in line with your forecasts and in time so that you meet your sales targets every time.


Lesson 7: Beating the Competition

In Lesson 7 we teach you how you can beat your competition in every sales scenario. We’ll teach you how to outsmart your competition in every sale to make you win practically every one of your deals and enhance your reputation across the industry.


Lesson 8: Avoiding, Anticiptating & Overcoming Objections

In Lesson 8 we’ll be teaching you how to avoid 90% of the objections sales people encounter and how to use these objections to: a) differentiate your solution from the competition sale and b) accelerate the sale! We’ll teach you how to take a really common fear out of the sales process – the fear of the buyer saying ‘no’.


Lesson 9: Closing Masterclass

In Lesson 9 we’ll be looking at closing techniques which you can use in every situation. We’ll teach you how to master the art of closing high value sales opportunities. The lesson includes the seven ‘killer closes’ and how to make sure closing is really easy every time.


Lesson 10: Growing the Sale

In Lesson 10 we’ll be looking at what to do after the initial sale has been won in order to grow the value of this new client even further. You’ll learn how to prepare the ground in every initial sale so you can easily up-sell and cross-sell systematically in all of your major or significant customers.