I naturally work with a clear structure, like to know the rules and like to have my tasks well organised.
The harmony of the group and the feelings of others are a big priority. I will try to avoid conflict wherever possible.
I drive a situation or task and am determined in the way I go about achieving my desired outcome.
I am creative and like to look at the ‘bigger picture’ when faced with a challenge.
I pay attention to detail and like to see current tasks through to completion before starting new ones.
I go with others’ choices and make compromises to avoid being considered to be selfish.
I am competitive, like to lead the way and like to be a strong influence on the group.
I like a lot of variety in my work and like to have lots of new challenges on the go at the same time.
I like a routine and always try to be well prepared for tasks (ahead and forthcoming events).
Helping others is very important to me and I like to be part of a supportive group.
I am focused on achieving success, can be impatient and am willing to knock down barriers that stand in the way.
I like to solve new and challenging problems and like to think outside the box.
I describe things in terms of facts and like data to back up my decisions.
I make decisions by consensus rather than leading the way and I make sure the feelings of others are considered.
I love the challenge of the competition and win by assessing the opportunity and the threats, then going for it.
I like to visualise or conceptualise a problem, rather than go into all the detail first.